The iThrive story. My story.


Founder - ithrive Nutrition

Growing up, I was never the kid who aced Maths or Science. I found English and History hard to follow – and I’m embarrassed to admit how old I was when I first read a real book cover-to-cover. Classroom learning wasn’t my thing, but sport was a different story.

Basketball was my first love. Michael Jordan posters proudly plastered my bedroom and I played it every day during primary and high school. Later I grew a passion for rugby and had some short flings with other sports. In short, if there was a ball and room to run, I wanted to be involved.

Playing sport and being active gave me confidence. I was always fit, fast and strong. I prided myself on being physically capable. Sport was a big part of my life – and that’s how I liked it.

I stuck with sport after high school and even played rugby at University. However, it wasn’t long before life took over and my focus shifted to family and career.

After graduating from business school, I was busy raising a young family with my wife Hinauri. Instead of playing sport on Saturdays, I found myself on the sidelines watching the kids play rugby and netball. While I loved seeing the kids get active, my physical activity had ground to a halt.

Gradually, the kilos crept on. One or two each year. Before long, my former fit self was a distant memory.

Disappointed with how I looked and felt, I decided to take action. I signed up for a free session at my local CrossFit gym. I hadn’t trained for years and I knew my body was unconditioned. But, in my mind, I was still the fit, strong guy I used to be. I wasn’t prepared for how much that first session would hurt.

While I acted calm and composed, I felt like I had lactic acid build-up from my head to my toes. Afterwards, I sat in my car feeling nauseas, headachy, exhausted and dejected. Even walking to the car was difficult on my wobbly legs. I’ll never forget that feeling. The physical pain was bad, but the emotional pain was worse. My physical fitness, which had once been my strength, was all but gone.

That session was a rude wake-up call, but the start of an awesome journey. I decided to transform my life and help others do the same. With help from an elite team of naturopaths and herbalists, I set out to create a range of practitioner-strength supplements with one specific goal in mind – to help people thrive.

iThrive Nutrition products are formulated by experts, trusted by athletes and designed to optimise performance. Whether you’re training, recovering, recharging or relaxing, there’s an iThrive product to power your lifestyle and help you reach your peak.

It’s time to thrive. Are you ready?