Unfortunately, iThrive Nutrition has closed shop.

To focus on our mission to improve the health of Aussies everywhere, we're investing our energy in our primary brand Nature's Sunshine. We're still committed to creating the best herbal products to help you thrive, just under a different brand name.
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Adreno Ignite™

Try Rhodiola Relax

Adreno Ignite™ combines adaptogenic herbs, B vitamins and ashwagandha, which was traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to assist with supporting energy levels and a healthy stress response.

It is still currently available through Nature's Sunshine. We'd also recommend Rhodiola Relax, a potent combination of three adaptogenic herbs: rhodiola, ashwagandha (withania) and gotu kola.

Explore Rhodiola Relax
iThrive Adreno Ignite bottle next to our recommended substitute Rhodiola Relax from Nature's Sunshine.


Try Super Activated B Complex Same Formula

B-Active™ provides the full suite of all 8 B vitamins with added vitamin C and CoQ10 for energy production and antioxidant support. The exact same formula is available under the Nature's Sunshine brand as Super Activated B Complex.

Explore Super Activated B Complex
iThrive B-Active bottle next to our recommended substitute Super Activated B Complex from Nature's Sunshine.

Chill Out™

Try Kava Calm & Sleep

Chill Out™ was a comprehensive sleep, calming and relaxing formula combining herbal extracts traditionally used in Western medicine to reduce symptoms of mild anxiety and relieve restless sleep. In its place, we recommend Kava Calm & Sleep, which contains the same two primary herbal ingredients: kava & passionflower.

Explore Kava Calm & Sleep
iThrive Chill Out bottle next to our recommended substitute Kava Calm & Sleep from Nature's Sunshine.

Love Your Muscles™

Try Magnesium Complex

Love Your Muscles™ was an easily absorbable Magnesium powder formulated to assist with muscle performance and function. While Nature's Sunshine currently doesn't offer magnesium in a powdered drink form, we have a Magnesium Complex in capsules that offer many of the same benefits.

Explore Magnesium Complex
iThrive Love Your Muscles bottle next to our recommended substitute Magnesium Complex from Nature's Sunshine.

You Beauty™

Try Collagen Premium Peptides

You Beauty™ was a premium anti-aging complex to support healthy skin, hair and nails. Our best substitute from Nature's Sunshine would be our Collagen Premium Peptides. Please that this product is made of bovine collagen peptides and is not vegan.

Explore Collagen Premium Peptides
iThrive You Beauty bottle next to our recommended substitute Collagen Premium Peptides from Nature's Sunshine.

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